Daily Sketches

If you are participating in a daily sketch project, you can create your own thread so the community can follow your progress.

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This section is for the episodes of the daily warmup sessions and their participators. You can comment your work and give/get feedback!

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Here you can post your approach and process for the contests

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If you feel that you need help with a specific piece of artwork, tap into the hivemind of the community!

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Professionals supporting the community by opening a thread on which you can get feedback on your work from a friendly neighborhood pro. Admire someone's work? This is the place to get help!

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Contests and Challenges

Win prizes in our contests. Warning: don't take these too serious!

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Annual last man standing community art competition

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A board for the challenges of the WARMUP participants, hosted by Björn Hurri

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No forum without the classic "Hi, I am John Doe" thread!

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