Unreal Bjornament

Welcome to Unreal Bjornament 3

Participants: 100/100


Unreal Bjornament is an annual competition based on elimination rounds, one vs one, art battle.
The competition is founded on the idea of rounds with a topic and random pairings on each round and the winner moves on to the next round. We do that until we have a last man or woman standing.

Any type of media is open to be used, be it 2d or 3d or a hybrid, and there is no specific level of skills required to participate. One thing that is sure though is that you will grow as an artist when you are put head to head with another artist and you're fighting to survive.

The kickoff will be on March 1st where round 1's pairings and topic will be announced.

This will be the third year I am running it and its 100 artists going head to head until it's one last standing. First year we were 47 artists, last year 112 artist and this year we will be capped at 100 artists.

The competition consists of themed rounds with a deadline of 2 weeks and then the panel has 1 week to vote and to give feedback. It carries on like this until the competition have run its length and there is a clear winner.

Each year we have a panel of judges with expertise in the industry and with a will to help out with feedback to the participants (the amount of feedback is up to each judge).

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  1. MontanaT avatar MontanaT
  2. Grija avatar Grija
  3. Zyalin avatar Zyalin
  4. alinabeska avatar alinabeska
  5. Fishguills avatar Fishguills
  6. Spicysalt avatar Spicysalt
  7. Slumpen avatar Slumpen
  8. Vignesh avatar Vignesh
  9. tamas.dako avatar tamas.dako
  10. MalevolentRaven avatar MalevolentRaven
  11. Krasgar avatar Krasgar
  12. ritacethapa avatar ritacethapa
  13. alnoth avatar alnoth
  14. atzgee avatar atzgee
  15. LuciferM avatar LuciferM
  16. yannickgolding avatar yannickgolding
  17. dibidibiDeeDee avatar dibidibiDeeDee
  18. teacan avatar teacan
  19. Froax avatar Froax
  20. Fer Sancho avatar Fer Sancho
  21. Fightmilk avatar Fightmilk
  22. Brandon Crampton avatar Brandon Crampton
  23. Calv's_art avatar Calv's_art
  24. MariArtsy avatar MariArtsy
  25. KENJIII avatar KENJIII
  26. victor puentes avatar victor puentes
  27. Anis avatar Anis
  28. Mark Wong avatar Mark Wong
  29. JJbritt avatar JJbritt
  30. artofjim avatar artofjim
  31. Fuxia avatar Fuxia
  32. MetalArt avatar MetalArt
  33. deerbard avatar deerbard
  34. Morfyia avatar Morfyia
  35. Mr_Panka avatar Mr_Panka
  36. Sergej Fel avatar Sergej Fel
  37. Jan Kloidt avatar Jan Kloidt
  38. Hefes avatar Hefes
  39. Martinpazromero avatar Martinpazromero
  40. Mat avatar Mat
  41. MeatSlurp avatar MeatSlurp
  42. Carlos Romanos avatar Carlos Romanos
  43. ixie avatar ixie
  44. karidyas avatar karidyas
  45. Nevitiv avatar Nevitiv
  46. deftonys avatar deftonys
  47. zuohne avatar zuohne
  48. Biegeltoren avatar Biegeltoren
  49. SzymekWampirek avatar SzymekWampirek
  50. Flip avatar Flip
  51. NgBrood avatar NgBrood
  52. JeffP  avatar JeffP
  53. IrinaFrench avatar IrinaFrench
  54. eggshell avatar eggshell
  55. Tregis avatar Tregis
  56. Alchimi avatar Alchimi
  57. ChrisTalleras avatar ChrisTalleras
  58. StefanJFischer avatar StefanJFischer
  59. Istrandar avatar Istrandar
  60. RSquared avatar RSquared
  61. Raiser avatar Raiser
  62. DannyHardy avatar DannyHardy
  63. PaulBuste avatar PaulBuste
  64. Hiro avatar Hiro
  65. dr_sheldon avatar dr_sheldon
  66. Gomlsauce avatar Gomlsauce
  67. Paula avatar Paula
  68. michael katchan avatar michael katchan
  69. Kasper avatar Kasper
  70. Panpukin avatar Panpukin
  71. joshuagilbreath avatar joshuagilbreath
  72. m0th avatar m0th
  73. Fish avatar Fish
  74. Hetman.Kenney avatar Hetman.Kenney
  75. Zerolemons avatar Zerolemons
  76. MariusBota avatar MariusBota
  77. Andart avatar Andart
  78. jsdmyl avatar jsdmyl
  79. Clint Lockwood avatar Clint Lockwood
  80. Avidite avatar Avidite
  81. Touji avatar Touji
  82. omid avatar omid
  83. Savorybaconist avatar Savorybaconist
  84. Hans Krill avatar Hans Krill
  85. MYart avatar MYart
  86. Lukimoo avatar Lukimoo
  87. blacktorne avatar blacktorne
  88. aronine avatar aronine
  89. Haze.artt avatar Haze.artt
  90. RustTea avatar RustTea
  91. Anon1 avatar Anon1
  92. NanoRhino avatar NanoRhino
  93. MechaHika1 avatar MechaHika1
  94. zeeaaa avatar zeeaaa
  95. Sandroc avatar Sandroc
  96. Snailing avatar Snailing
  97. andybui avatar andybui
  98. jonathanfernandes avatar jonathanfernandes
  99. Rolomancer avatar Rolomancer
  100. Cloued MeakLin avatar Cloued MeakLin


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